Artist silversmiths in 21st Century Europe
liberate our craft from the academies Legnica Silver Festival
Qubus Hotel, Skarbowa 2, Legnica (Poland).
Saturday 21 June 2016; 10:00 – 14:00.

In the mid eighties of the twentieth century the craft of silversmithing in Europe was in a deep crisis. The church no longer assigned new silverware, shiny flatware was more often made of stainless steel or plastic and the dish-washer was introduced. The efforts of the brothers Hunt to monopolize the silver trade did the rest. Many silver factories were closed, and silversmiths who wanted to continue working as a craftsman had to start for themself. Independent silversmiths started to expose themself as an artist. It was the only way to compete against mass-production. But the struggle was difficult. On one hand the silversmith had to be an artist working in concepts, where on the other hand he was a craftsman with a craft with enormous traditions.
During the seminar Boundaries of Global Art as part of the Legnica Silver Fesitval, Janjaap Luijt will present a lecture concerning the efforts made by the HammerClub during the last decade.